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Landyachtz Green Mountains Snowskate


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The Green Mountains snowskate is a versatile all-mountain ripper. Slash powder, rip groomers, hitting the park and anything in between. Whether it’s your first time on a snowskate or you have been riding one for years, our snowskates will put a smile on your face all winter long.

Comes complete with Standard 7 ply Maple Top Deck, Sub Deck, Harfang SnowSkate Trucks, Leash & Hardware

Sub Deck
Length: 104cm /41in
Waist Width: 12cm / 4.75in
Tip & Tail Width: 15.4cm / 6.125in
2 mounting positions

Top Deck
Length: 86cm/35in
Width: 9.7in
Truck base: 16in centered (3 mounting positions)

Look at the world around you in a whole new way and transform any terrain into a playground.

Whether you are on a mountain, toboggan hill, or snow covered skate park, the possibilities of snowskating are limitless.

Have fun make the most of your winter no matter where you are. You don’t need expensive specialty gear to snowskate; your winter boots or skate shoes will do.

LY Snow was born from our desire to skateboard year-round. We’ve taken our 17 years of high-end skateboard craftsmanship and applied it to snow. Engineered for performance with a focus on fun, we extensively test our products to ensure they last. We are constantly improving and working on innovations to progress the future of this exciting sport. Rediscover snow and see you out there this winter!