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How to Extend the Water Ski Season

27 March 2017 water skiing in winter 27 March 2017

It’s that time of year again, when Melbourne’s warm days are starting to disappear and the winter chill is starting to set in. While the cooler weather provides much needed relief after weeks of hot and dry conditions, it does make water skiing a little more uncomfortable.

If you’re not afraid of a little icy water, howling wind, and plummeting temperatures, you might be able to brace the water unarmed for another month of two, but for the rest of us, investing in some cold weather protection will make hitting the water possible despite the cooler conditions.

Wetsuits – the Ultimate Cold Weather Protectors

Wearing a wetsuit isn’t just for professional water skiers. When you wear a wetsuit, you’re essentially protecting your body’s core temperature against the cold, which will allow you to ski for longer.

Why are Water Ski Wetsuits so Important?

The number one benefit of a wetsuit to water skiers is that they provide insulation against frigid water temperatures, which makes skiing in freezing cold water possible.

Even if the water is only a bit chilly, wearing a wetsuit will make skiing for longer periods of time possible.

If you were to embark on an afternoon of water skiing on a cold day wearing nothing more than a pear of boardies or a bikini, your body will be in for a nasty shock. The human body isn’t built to cope with freezing temperatures, and prolonged exposure to freezing cold water can cause hypothermia, or an initial ‘cold shock’ reaction, which causes you to gasp when you hit the water.

When it comes to water skiing, the most common cold water reaction is for your muscles to fatigue easily, which will make your response times slower – a potentially hazardous situation when you’re on the water.

With a wetsuit, your body will be properly insulated against the cold, and your core temperature will be protected, so while you won’t exactly be warm when you’re out on the water, you won’t be dangerously cold.

What Should I Look For When Purchasing a Wetsuit?

Water ski wetsuits look skin tight, but they’re not. A properly fitted wetsuit will be snug, so it won’t sag when you sit (to loose), or constrict your movement in any way when you’re either standing or sitting (too tight).

When it comes to thickness, generally speaking, the thicker the better. Most wetsuits will range in size from 1-10mm, and the thickness of the neoprene material will help ensure your core temperature is kept stable by not allowing body heat out.

Short from moving up to Queensland to take advantage of warmer winters and almost year-round sun, investing in a wetsuit is the best way to make water skiing possible once the cold weather hits.

If you’re looking for a suit that will protect you from Victoria’s icy currents, visit Mac’s Waterski World today! We’ve got a comprehensive selection of the best-quality wetsuits available both in store and online.

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