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Mac’s Waterski- Tips For insulating On The Slopes!

03 July 2018 03 July 2018

So you’re heading to the slopes, huh? The team at Mac’s have put together a couple of tips to make sure you’re insulating your body properly, keeping you warm and reducing your risk of harm.


One of the most common queries we get asked about ski/snowboarding gear is; “How warm is it?”


While each bit of snow gear does vary in quality, material and insulation, there are a few ways to ensure that you’re at least getting the best out of what you’re taking the snow, as we all know- being cold can ruin the fun!


This is based purely on the fact that each person feels the cold differently. The best way to ensure warmth in the snow is to learn how to layer properly and alter these layers to suit the person and the environment.


First of all…the base layer-


If you’re not wearing thermals or skins then I’m not sure we can help you.


The first layer acts as a “secondary skin” and provides the foundation of warmth and insulation for your body. Think of it like putting a blanket on.


This insulating layer traps body heat and wicks moisture away from the skin, reducing heat loss. Thermals are lightweight and breathable and work best when they are tight fitting.

Merino wool thermals, in particular, provide superior warmth and have natural anti-microbial properties, which prevent odour.



Middle Layers


There are a large variety of mid layers, which provide extra warmth to your core and prevent the public eye from seeing your thermal underwear layer whenever you take your jacket off.


Skivvies, made from synthetic materials or merino wool, are thin, lightweight and breathable, have wicking-abilities that draw sweat away from the skin and also provide extra warmth.


Down is a great option for those who really feel the cold, or can also be used in conjunction with an outer shell jacket to provide more versatility. Vests have the advantage of keeping the core of the body warm without bulking out the arms, allowing for freer movement, and are available in any of the above materials.



Finally, your outer layers;


The outer jacket and pant layer provides the waterproof, windproof and protective elements of the layering ensemble. Insulated outerwear reduces the need for extra layers, while shell outerwear allows for more versatility.


The final layer in the system, this is arguably the most important one as it protects the wearer and their other layers from any harsh environment.


Need some last minute gear before you head out to enjoy the long weekend? Stop in at Mac’s Waterski World and we’ll get you sorted in no time.


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