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Altas Bearing Biltin


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Atlas has just released the Blackout Built-In Bearings, and we must say they’re quite unique due to the flared bearing spacer. The spacers extend slightly on the outside of the bearing so that you do not need speed rings either.

There is an extremely tight feel between the bearings and the wheel. The energy between turns is absorbed by the wheel and not the bearing itself reducing impact and side load. Ultimately, you will have a bearing that will endure the demands of a downhill racer or any skateboard discipline.

Atlas’s Description

Staying loyal to the innovative history of the brand, the Atlas Blackout Bearings aren’t just your average built-in bearing.

When axle nuts are tightened down the result is often compression of the interior bearing spacer. This puts stress on your bearings and introduces slop into your setup, detracting from the precision that a bearing spacer is intended to provide.

The flared spacer built into the Atlas Blackout Bearing increases the surface area of the load bearing foot between the two bearings. This provides additional support and prevents compression of the spacer giving Atlas Blackout Bearings a more precise ride, faster roll speed and a long lasting life.

8 Bearings included in each bearing pack.