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Black Diamond Lynx – Snow Shovel


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For years Black Diamond has made the best high quality snow shovels. The latest version of the Black Diamond Lynx has a stiffer blade and more ergonomic handle.
Our durable, no-frills aluminium shovel with a T-handle and fixed shaft, the Lynx is a simple and streamlined snow mover.

Stripped to the basics, the Black Diamond Lynx shovel makes an ideal companion for ultralight ski tours and alpine climbs that require you to dig a bivy high on the route. The durable aluminium blade easy withstands the abuse that the big mountains dish out, and the compact, fixed-length handle takes up minimum space in your pack.
• Removable, fixed-length anodized shaft with T-handle
• Powder-coated aluminium blade

Tech Specs
Weight : 642 g
Blade Volume : 1.14 L

Editors Comments:
Which snow shovel should I choose?
There are three models in the Black Diamond snow shovel range. The Deploy, the Transfer and the Lynx.
The Deploy‘s name comes from the need of a quick deploy snow tool because when someone is encased in avalanche snow, they might only have a few minutes before suffocating. The Black Diamond Snow Probes have the same quick deployment ethos.
The Deploy has a shorter handle because you are most likely to be on your knees digging in an emergency situation. It also saves on weight and is popular with skiers and mountaineers.
There are two Blade sizes available. 0.3 U.S. Gallon and 0.7, hence the names Deploy ‘3’ and ‘7’.
If you know you are going to be in areas with particularly powdery snow, or if you are a guide, you might choose the ‘7’, otherwise the ‘3’ can move a lot of material very quickly.

The Transfer is a fully featured longer handled snow shovel.
If you are playing in the snow for extended periods and using your shovel to build walls or shelters, you won’t want to be on your knees any longer than necessary, hence the longer removable and telescopic handle. You might remove the handle before attaching it to your pack, so deployment in an emergency is going to take a little longer and it’s heavier than the Deploy.

The Lynx is an everyday ‘no fuss’ shovel.
It doesn’t have a telescopic handle and its a few inches shorter than the Transfer, but the handle is removable for transporting and its just as capable and dependable as the other two.