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Bones Brigade series 11 Guerrero Deck


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Original shape and graphic from the 1980’s.

Eleventh Series

Screened top and bottom graphics, applied with heat and pressure

Seven plies of US hard rock maple- Only the best of the best that is available

Old hole pattern

Produced to celebrate the Bones Brigade, and Stacy Peralta’s film “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography”. Perfect for riding, gift-giving, collecting and displaying.



Width: 9.6″

Length: 29.18″

Wheelbase: 15″

Construction: Traditional 7-ply construction


Bones Brigade – Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero grew up in San Francisco, California, where he learned to skate its hills, streets and sidewalks instead of pools and ramps. He took the flatland ollie pioneered by Rodney Mullen and extended it by ollieing over the obstacles that line its hilly streets, as he carved three dimensional lines down the streets of San Francisco.

Skateboarding was looking for a new direction that would enable its millions of new devotees to feel part of the skate culture they saw in Powell-Peralta’s videos. It needed to have an accessible terrain and to be not so advanced in skill level that it would deter those new to skateboarding. The time was right and the skate paradigm began to shift from vertical skating to street skating, and Tommy was there with the goods at the forefront of skating’s new direction.

When Thrasher Magazine recognized the shift in the direction of skating, it sponsored the first Street Skating Contest, and Tommy won it. This contest and those that followed, created a new resonance and excitement that changed the industry once again, and demanded new Pros and new companies to represent this new street skating direction.

Tommy was a true pioneer of street skating and epitomized the modern street skater. Even though he was not as experienced as more senior members of the Brigade, it was time for him to turn pro and to get his own pro model deck. The new market created by the senior Brigade members was demanding it. Thus, Guerrero was one of the first to have a pro street model.

In 1986, based loosely on a car hood decoration, Kevin Ancell created a V-8 “Dagger” for Tommy with a border of chrome and roses, wrapping the rails of the deck for a lowrider feel. Tommy’s deck was successful, and so for his second model, this concept was updated by Vernon Courtlandt johnson (VCJ) to the more widely known version of the Flaming Hot Rod Dagger reproduced here. Tommy’s pro model became widely popular as street skating took off, displacing vert skating altogether in the late 80s.

By the early 1990s, street skating was the new center of skating and Tommy and Jim Theibaud (another Powell-Peralta amateur) left The Bones Brigade to form Real Skateboards and Deluxe Distribution, which they still operate successfully to this day.

Tommy is also known as a talented musician and guitarist, gaining recognition from Rolling Stone Magazine, and producing 7 albums and a number of acclaimed singles. Tommy also plays with a group called Blktop Project that includes Chuck Treece and Ray Barbee. Tommy Guerrero still lives in the Bay Area and has one child.