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Bones Brigade series 11 Tony Hawk Deck


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Original shape and graphic from the 1980’s.

Eleventh Series

Screened top and bottom graphics, applied with heat and pressure

Seven plies of US hard rock maple- Only the best of the best that is available

Old hole pattern

Produced to celebrate the Bones Brigade, and Stacy Peralta’s film “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography”. Perfect for riding, gift-giving, collecting and displaying.



Width: 10.41″

Length: 30.28″

Wheelbase: 15″

Construction: Traditional 7-ply construction


Bones Brigade – Tony Hawk

Tony grew up in the San Diego area and was a local at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. His father Frank and mother Nancy became active in promoting skateboard events to support Tony’s interest in skating and encouraged him to follow his heart, instead of forcing him to pursue more traditional sports. This made sense, not just because Tony was fixated on skating, but also because he was a thin, gangly, hyperactive kid who was athletic and fiercely competitive, but awkward at the time, and his peers developed earlier than he did. Legend has it, he was so small he had to ollie into aerial maneuvers in order to attempt them.

Many older skaters made fun of the way he skated, because he was focused on learning new maneuvers instead of just stylizing maneuvers they had already perfected. Stacy saw great determination and creativity in the young Hawk, however, and asked him to join the Bones Brigade in 1980, just as skateboarding was about to enter its first slump.

Tony continued to invent new maneuvers at a breakneck pace, changing the focus of vert skating to the more technical style we’re accustomed to seeing today, in the succeeding years.

When Hawk turned pro in 1982, in the very middle of skateboarding’s dark ages, his first deck graphic was a soaring hawk. Although he was beginning to dominate the few contests skateboarding could muster, his deck sold poorly. The tiny market responded well to Ray Rodriguez’s Skull and Sword graphic, however, so for his next deck graphic, Powell-Peralta decided to try another skull.

In 1983, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson (VCJ) illustrated a human/hawk skull over an iron cross, and as skateboarding started to rebound in 1984, it became a huge hit. Sometimes referred to as the screaming chicken skull, its one of Powell-Peralta’s most iconic graphics from the 1980s.

Tony Hawk is undeniably the most recognizable name in skateboarding today, and his combined skate and video game revenues have made him the most financially successful as well. He still lives in the San Diego area, has 4 children, and runs his own skateboard company Birdhouse Skateboards. His name is also licensed to Quiksilver for clothing, Nintendo for video games, BONES for wheels, and other manufacturers of quality merchandise.

Tony is the founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation, which offers guidance and financial grants to those striving to start skate parks in low-income areas. His foundation has helped to found over 400 skate parks, and given away over 3.5 million dollars.

In 2009, Tony Hawk was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in Simi Valley, CA.