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Cult Ism TFR 63 Ice Blue


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Who makes a longboard wheel in 90a duro? The Cult. Is it a longbaord wheel? Maybe it is a skateboard wheel, it does suit smaller decks or double kicks.
This urethane has been named TFR, probably stands for something like total effin rad. This wheel will appeal to many different types of skaters.

For skaters learning to slide
One way of learning how to slide is use a hard wheel. It is easier to initiate the slide, you can hold it longer, giving you more options to learn different types of slide. More importantly, by doing the actual slide, you are engaging your muscle memory, it is an important part of learning. Best to learn on a smooth road and not in the rain, these wheels are too slippery in the rain.

For longboarders
The feel of this wheel in a slide can be described as an ice slide on top of the road. The result is big long slides, and steezy tricks. If you want up up your slide game, or do technical slides, this is your wheel. Not recommended for fast freeride, unless you want to kiss a guard rail.

For dance or freestyle skaters
This is not a wheel we would push a dance skater into but their are exceptions. If you are skating on smooth concrete, and want to do sliding tricks where the board spins, this wheel will make that easy. Any air tricks and landing will be hard and unforgiving.

For skateboarders
90a is soft for the skateboard world but do have their place. This is alike an old school wide wheel. If you have a big board set up, and like carving around big skateparks and pools, then this wheel should interest you. In the skatepark it will grip and give you some serious speed off the transitions and banks.

Need some motivation to skate?
Watch the Axel video on this page

  • Diameter: 63mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Contact Patch: 29mm
  • Durometer: 90a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Sideset