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DVD The Book (Wake)


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DVD The Book Instructional

Product Description

The Book Wakeboarding Instructional DVD…

PJ and his coaches at The Wakeboard Camp have put together the most thorough how to wakeboard dvd instructional series to date. The series is structured to show viewers the genetics of each trick, how it builds and breaks down, and the relationships of tricks between the base trick and the goal trick.

Getting Started

Getting Started contains tips for all levels of riding. This DVD starts you at ground zero, and takes you through equipment, boating, getting up, and edging techniques.

Building a Foundation
Building a Foundation is essential for all levels of riding. Whether you are an advanced rider looking to land a 720, or a beginner learning to land blind, it all starts here with solid fundamentals.

Base Inverts

Base Inverts focuses in on the eight base inverts. We will show you how to do everything from on-land training with the trampoline, to various grabs and variations of the inverts.

Spinning is a broad DVD that takes you from 180’s to 900’s. Learn to spin heelside, toeside, frontside, backside, on axis, and even off axis.

Intermediate and Advanced Inverts
Intermediate and advanced inverts is for the wakeboarder that is ready to take their riding to the next level. Watch as The Book takes even the most complex inverts and breaks them down into simpler steps.

Other Details

Release Date:
Running Time:
8 Hours 47 Minutes
DVD Region:
Region 0 / All Countries