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Gold Coast Pluton Drop 40

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COMES WITH RAW Silver TRUCKS see extra photo!

The Pluton Drop Through is totally out of this world! This board, inspired by the New Horizons mission to the Kuiper Belt, features a Sun Burn™ UV activated visage of Pluto that was photographed on that expedition.The deck is 7-Ply of Canadian Maple, has a “W” concave that gives your toes and heels a pocket to hang out in leverage both the toe side and heel side turns. The unique “power slide” drop through mount allows you to mount your trucks without having to take them apart and turns the truck into the first point of contact, lowering the likelihood that your nose or tail blows out if it impacts something. Mounted on the Pluton are the newly designed Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks, which set a new standard for precision in a cast aluminum truck. To those are mounted the Shred Boots 70mm center set wheels and Rolleroids Bearings to keep you rolling at warp speeds.