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HO Syndicate Pro 2022 Blank with Fin



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The new 2022 Syndicate Pro features a narrower width, from tip to tail. This allows the ski to roll onto a higher edge angle to drop into the turn more naturally while holding more direction into the wakes. HO took the proven rock solid Omega rockerline and increased it’s maneuverability by replacing the flat spot with a continuous radius rocker. The 2022 HO Pro employs a rounder, larger bevel package that allow the ski to rol lonto edge better with increased stability. It has a narrower pulled in pin tail for increase manueverabiltiy. In addition to its carbon fibre interior the ski is equipped with carbon fibre wrapped top and base. This abundance of high performance aerospace carbon fiber results in a lighter stiffer ski with more responsiveness than before. The Syndicate construction is a proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and ultra lightweight PVC foam core technology for a lighter more responsive ski tha utilizes the worlds top materials for unparralled perfomance. The Carbon fiber speed skin base is an advanced laminar texture that reduces ski drag and increases top water speed with 20% less weight. To finish off the all new Syndicate adjustable fin is a simple and functional design utilizing a single 5-32 hex key for micro adjustments and fin blade clamping.

Available Size: 65″, 66″, 67″, 68″