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Jones Dream Catcher 2020


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The 2020 Jones Dream Catcher will make your mountain dreams come true. There’s nothing better than laying down some fresh tracks, and Jones knows this better than any brand, but what happens when the powder is all tracked out? Well usually you’d go in, change boards, and head to the park or cruise the groomers for the rest of the day, but with the Dream Catcher you’re good to go all day long, regardless of what the terrain is like. This board is made for the playful girl that likes to do it all and do it well, from fun park laps to hard carves and blinding pow slashes. This is thanks to the directional freeride shape, friendly flex, and stable camber profile, which all combines to give you a board that floats effortlessly, holds a solid edge, and stays playful for comfortable and confident riding across the entire mountain.

Board Type: All Mountain Freestyle

Camber TypeDirectional Rocker

A hybrid flex pattern which places camber underfoot and rocker in the tips, then moves it back towards the tail putting the power under your back foot. The longer rocker in the nose keeps the board floating and improves manoeuvrability, while the camber underfoot enhances stability, edge hold, and response.

Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A mid flex that is stable at speed and responsive when you need it, but still soft enough to play around all over the mountain.

Shape: Directional

This board has a longer nose, setback stance, and directional flex pattern, so ride it forwards for optimum performance.

Spoon 1.0

A subtle 3D base contour featuring an even balance of 2mm of bevel in the nose and tail. Spoon makes the base roll through turns instead of landing flat, making your turns smoother and more natural.

Core: FSC Classic Core

Full wood premium poplar core that offers great pop, even flex, and reliable durability.

Biax Fiberglass

A dual-direction, dual-layer, stitched fiberglass laminate that provides a fun, forgiving and snappy ride.

Base: Sintered 7000

A fast and strong base with added carbon for extra speed and good wax absorbency.

Extra Features:

Oversized Recycled Edges – Exactly what it sounds like, enhanced sustainability and added durability.

Eco-Plastic Topsheet – An ultralight chip/scratch resistant topsheet made from castor beans. Good for your board, good for the environment.

Traction Tech 2.0 – Like a serrated knife cutting through the snow, Traction Tech adds multiple contact points along the edge of the board for enhanced grip and edge hold in all conditions.

Wend Natural Wax – Jones boards are ready to shred straight out of the shop and are factory waxed with Wend natural wax.

Super Sap Bio Resin – All Jones boards are built with bio-based, renewable epoxy instead of petroleum based epoxy. The raw materials used to make Super Sap Bio-Resin are co- products or waste products of other plant- based industrial processes. Producing Super Sap requires 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional epoxy.

Recycled ABS –  ABS Plastic is one of the necessary evils of snowboard production. Jones improve the sustainability of their snowboards by using only recycled plastic.



Size Waist Width (mm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip / Tail Length (cm) Ref. Stance (cm) Stance Setback (mm) Weight Range (kg)
142cm 236 6.5 0 104.7 23.9 / 19.9 49 20 41 – 63
145cm 238 6.6 0 107.3 24.1 / 20.1 51 20 45 – 68
148cm 240 6.8 0 109.9 24.3 / 20.3 51 20 45 – 68
151cm 242 7.0 0 112.5 24.5 / 20.5 53 20 49 – 73
154cm 244 7.2 0 115.1 24.7 / 20.7 53 20 54 – 77