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K2 Sonic Binding Black 2023


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K2 Sonic Men’s Snowboard Bindings 2024

Everyday Durability That Won’t Break the Bank.

The all-mountain K2 Sonic snowboard binding is the perfect place to start.

The soft but supportive K2 Sonic utilizes the strength and durability of our ProFusion™ Chassis as the foundation of the binding and blends a 3º inward cant to put the user into a natural riding position. Atop the footbed, an EVA footbed is added to up the comfort factor and absorb vibrations. The result? Better balance for anticipating and riding through all terrain.

Our durable AT PC Highback is responsive with just the right amount of flex for easy transitions from edge to edge. It features our Gap Eraser™ forward lean design to customize the feel and give you the most response out of any forward lean design in the industry.

The padded P.I. 3D EVA ankle strap and Perfect Fit toe strap are comfortable and easy to use whether strapping in with gloves or mitts. The Power Ramp easily slides to match the shape of your boot outsole and has a quick response while turning or setting up to hit jumps and side hits.

The K2 Sonic also features our Toolless design philosophy. Once the binding is mounted to the board, you can make all adjustments by hand while on the mountain to fine-tune the fit without carrying a tool or stopping at the lodge–perfect for beginners who are still dialing in the ideal binding feel.





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ProFusion™ Chassis:

Simple, tough, and lightweight, the ProFusion™ chassis is the go-to standard in the K2 binding collection. On-board tool-less power ramp and toe strap adjustments are paired with multiple ankle-strap mount points to help dial in perfect fit and ideal power transfer.

PC Flex Chassis Material:

A polycarbonate chassis allows for true board-flex and optimal board-feel.

Polycarbonate Highback:

A polycarbonate highback allows for a more forgiving highback, designed for those looking to progress their skills or get that extra tweak.

PI Ankle Strap:

A lightweight and durable injection molded ankle strap designed primarily with comfort in mind.

Perfect Fit™ Toe Strap:

Hinged design fits any boot toe shape, holds well, and sits in a low-profile configuration.

3° Canted Footbed:

Canted 3° to match your natural leg position during riding. More support to the outside of the foot provides improved control while reducing fatigue.

Gap Eraser™ Forward Lean:

Gap Eraser™ technology completely eliminates all gapping between the boot, highback, and heel cup, creating an even stronger bond between you and your snowboard. Better contact means better response.

100% Tool-less Adjustments:

Once mounted to your board, all strap and highback adjustments can be done on-the-fly without the need for screwdrivers or other tools.

Mega PC Lever Ratchet:

Lightweight and dependable with a no-frills attitude. Our 4-click PC ratchet features a high-end spring inside for a secure hold.

4″ Multi-Compatible Mount Disc:

Compatible with our ProFusion™ Chassis, the 4″ Multi-mount disc focuses on power transfer and lets you mount your snowboard binding to 4-hole and channel mounts.

Snowboard Binding Size Chart

Size XS S M L XL
US MEN’S (2-5) (5-9) (8-12) (11-15)
US WOMEN’S (3-6) (6-10) (9+)
US JUNIOR (11-1) (2-5)
EURO MEN’S (33-36) (36 – 40.5) (40.5 – 44.5) (44.5 – 50)
EURO WOMEN’S (33-36) (36 – 41.5)
EURO JUNIOR (29 – 33.5) (34 – 38)