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Liquidforce FLX Wakeboard 2023


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The Liquid Force FLX is the definition of park performance at true value, shaped to be the ultimate user-friendly board that any level of rider can tear up. A Progressive 3-stage rocker gives the FLX a smooth, fast feel underfoot but also allows it to be explosive off kickers so you can get that time in the air. A lightweight biaxial fibreglass layup is what makes the FLX so consistent, providing a predictable and lively feel on the water. Finally, what makes the FLX, so user friendly is its base shaping, giving the board an easy shape to throw around that also holds an edge like a boat board. Standard across all Liquid Force cable wakeboards are Liquid Rails and a sintered grind base, protecting your edge from the big hits and keeping you sliding for longer.

Rocker Line

  • Progressive 3-Stage Rocker – A Progressive 3-stage rocker with a maximised flat spot and a gradual rise in the tip and tail, giving a fast, smooth edge with easy control and predictable but explosive pop off the wake.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 6/10
  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 4/10

Core Construction

  • Wood Profiled Core – Liquid Force’s Wood core is designed to provide maximum feel underfoot. Not only feel, but it also gives unparalleled movement and forgiveness on landing.


  • Liquid Rails – An elastomeric sidewall construction that Liquid Force has produced to keep your rails safe. Designed specifically to absorb intense hits, the sidewall will flex with your board for a near-indestructible material.


  • Lightweight Bi-Axial Fibreglass – A two-way fibreglass blend that gives the board a consistent and predictable flex, allowing for plenty of lock onto rails


  • LF Grind Base – Don’t get caught out with a damaged base; Liquid Force’s Grind base makes sure your base features stay featured season after season without wear.
  • Subtle Dual Concave With Edge Channels – That soft, loose feel you want to be able to toss your board around at the park, complemented by edge channels so you can get to where you want to go with ease


  • 4x LF Slider Fins

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Intermediate

Board Sizing

(135cm) – 40 – 77Kgs

(139cm) –  60 – 91Kgs

(143cm) –  72 – 105Kgs

(147cm) –  84 – 119Kgs


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Warranty is void as soon as an obstacle is hit