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Liquidforce Keen Wakesurf 56 2023


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Austin needs a fast, light, catch free skim shape for hijacking wakes, busting big airs, and massive wake slashes…the Keen does just that.

A precision milled EPS foam core is topped with a carbon innegra deck making this board stronger, lighter and more responsive than ever. As the top performing skimboard on the market, the Keen will take your riding to the next level.

The Liquid Force Austin Keen Skim Wakesurf board’s no nonsense skim shape is designed to give riders tons of speed, pop, and board control behind the boat to get extra tricky and stomp tricks you once only dreamed of doing.

The Liquid Force Keen Skim is designed for those wakesurfers who are already comfortable riding skim style boards and are looking for a high-performance shape to take their riding to new levels.

The EPS foam core is topped with a full carbon fusion deck, keeping the board extremely light while also giving it the strength to withstand your aggressive riding. A clean, single concave hull allows it to create speed and glide across the water with ease. Sharp, crisp rails from tip to tail creates an aggressive feel for easier spins, shuvs, and whatever other tricks you got up your sleeves!

Liquid Force Keen Wakesurf Board Features

  • EPS Foam with Skim Stringer
  • Single Concave Hull
  • Carbon/Innegra Reinforced Deck
  • Carbon Bottom Tape
  • Round Tail
  • Fiberglass Hand Lamination
  • Austin Keen Pro Model
  • Fin Box Type: FCS
Hand Glassed Construction

Hand Glassed Construction

A lightweight EPS Foam Core wrapped in multiple fiberglass layers and combined with Carbon Innegra and tape for strength, durability, and response. These boards are the lightest, fastest, and most aggressive in the lineup.

360 Approved

360 Approved

The loose skate-inspired aspects of this board will have you adding spins, ollies, and shuvits to your trick repertoire.

Skim Style Wakesurf Board

Skim Style

A skateboard on the water, skim style boards are playful and slippery on the water, ideal for surface spins.

Single Fin Board

Single Fin

For those that like to play it fast and loose. This setup releases super easy making tricks like spinning and ollies easy to initiate.

Round Board Tail Shape

Round Tail

The all-around performance shape. Water is able to wrap around the curve of the round tail increasing traction, and the larger surface area keeps the board high on the water for maneuverability.