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Nidecker Mellow 155cm 2019 EX DEMO

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Mellow When the Mountain is Your Wave

“Ideal for surf style slashes, tree runs and rolling terrain”
At Nidecker, we know our history. Back in the beginning our sport was all about surfing on snow, and the Mellow is a tip of the hat to those surfing roots. It’s without a doubt one of the coolest, most laid back freeride boards we’ve ever made. The mix of a classic outline and high-tech materials delivers that fantastic feeling you get doing smooth surf style turns in powder, on nice groomed runs, or in end of season slush. Specially designed for slashing up uneven terrain and snake runs through the trees, it totally blurs the line between ripping up your favorite mountain, or tearing up your favorite wave. A full veneer wood top sheet made from pure ash helps absorb unwanted vibrations, while giving added responsiveness and extra pop.