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Peak Steamer Kids 32 GB


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Peak Boys Energy 3/2mm FL Back Zip Steamer is a mid-range kids steamer boasting great durability by way of it’s flatlocked seam. Peak are the leading brand of wetsuits when it comes to decent quality wetties that won’t pillage your pocket and the Flatlock models within the Energy range, such as this Peak Boys Energy 3/2mm Back Zip Steamer, are unbeaten in price and quality.

You can rest assured with Peak knowing that they’re designed and built by Rip Curl but they don’t include the benefits to current season Rip Curl suits, hence their lower price. The access to Rip Curl’s R&D results in wetsuits that are designed well, fit great and last an age – get our tips on wetsuit maintenance.

The Flatlock seam, which is used in this wetty, is extremely durable but due to the thousand of pin-holes resulting from the sewing machine will take water into the suit. This reduces the overall ‘insulative’ properties of the suit but is fine for moderate winter surfing and warmer water diving.  Learn more about seams here.


  • 3/2mm High Stretch Neoprene: Peak have laid high-stretch 2mm neoprene around your arms to make paddling a breeze with the rest of the suit being 3mm to keep your vitals warm!  Depending on your personal tolerance to cold one can expect to feel comfy from ~22 degrees.
  • All Seams Flat-Lock Stitched: Breathable, overlapping seam, Non-chafing and super durable for warmer conditions.
  • Back Zip: Easy, simple and comfy.  Learn more about zips!
  • Smooth Skin Coated Torso Panels: These coated linings are hydrophobic, meaning water can’t stick to it, this means your torso panels are essentially dry making them highly resistant to wind chill.
  • Knee Pads: Added durability to the knees, which are usually the first to go.