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RAD Glide Wheels 70mm Blue 82a


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The 70mm “Glide” lets you float sideways with ease. With a Sideset core and 30mm contact patch, breaking traction has never been so effortless.
These smaller free ride wheels from Rider Approved Designs are produced with side-ways motion in mind. Glide across any surface while still holding the same speed you entered your slide at.
The glides feature a narrow 30mm contact patch, allowing for maximum ‘slip’ when pushing out these wheels for the first time. As you wear them down you will notice the contact patch becomes wider, allowing you to still maintain maximum grip, if anything they get grippier as they get smaller!
A must have set of wheels for any quiver, these Glides will help you hold out slides longer, and coupled with the stone-grind finish you will feel confident to get them side-ways right out of the box.
RAD’s Description
With a sideset core and 30mm contact patch, breaking traction has never been so buttery. The Glide comes with a stone ground finish, ready to slide right out of the box. At the heart of it all is the Crown Core. With three points and two valleys to separate the wheels into distinct sections, chatter and vibrations are eliminated. The Crown Core doesn’t deform under weight, maximizing your potential roll speed. From the flat ground to the steepest hill, the Glide will ensure a great ride. Available in 78a (white), 80a (red), and 82a (blue).