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Sector 9 Butter Balls 70mm 75A


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Sector 9 Butter Balls 70mm 75A

Want one of the best freeride wheels made in the history of freeride.

You now have it with Sector 9 Butterballs 70mm 75a Longboard Skateboard Wheels . A slightly offset wheel with a nice rounded lip profile will have you riding with control and confidence.

The reason the Butterballs are so good for freeride is the formula they use. I don’t know what they are putting into there wheels but its the most progressive sliding wheel there is today. Throw out that slide and feel the smooth hook up and release.

Highly recommend the Sector 9 Butterballs 70mm 80a Longboard Skateboard Wheels to people who are just learning to slide as this wheel feels so nice and does exactly what its meant to do with no surprises.

An added extra is a wheel that thanes out massive thick white lines just so you can rub it into your mates.

This wheel will make you slide like Jacko in a drunken slide rage. Get them and go off the ricta.

The number one slide wheel recommended by Kanufi for everyone from begginers to pro shredders.