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Visit us in store at 360 South Road, Moorabbin, Victoria
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Shredemite Freeride Slide Gloves with Pucks


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Designed by Aussie downhill legend Jackson Shapiera. Jacko has been promoting via Shredemite the scene with videos and photos of Australians shredding. This is the first product collaboration between Hop and Jacko under the Shredemite brand. A freeride glove and a leather race glove.

This is the freeride glove, comes with pucks.

Made from a lightweight breathable fabric, perfect for hot weather and sunny days. Fingertips are reinforced, it will give you some protect if your fingers scrape on the ground but they are not designed for that. Move your puck closer to your wrist, this should force your fingers off the ground.

Fingertips now have mobile touch, if you tap your phone, it will recognise the touch. Maybe Hey Siri is better for calling the squad to get a lift back up to the top of the hill!

The underside of the glove is leather suede to provide extra protection in a hands down fall.

Downhill skaters
Everyone needs a set of freeride gloves in their kit, these are unique and show your support of the Aussie downhill scene.

Yes these gloves are perfect for banging out distance on your electric skateboard. They provide good protect, lightweight so they are comfortable on long rides.

Freeride gloves are excellent protect for kids learning to skateboard and longboard. The gloves are fun, they are the same design the Pro leather gloves, colours are bright and make your kid stand out and easy to see. When children fall, there instinct to to put their hands out. A slide glove is perfect, the pucks slide so to reduce that immediate impact, reduce the momentum and help the skater bounce back from a fall and back on the board. Falling is part of skateboarding, and it is not a big deal.

Gloves ship with two slide pucks and a Shredemite and Downhill Kangaroo sticker!