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Slingshot Option Boots 2017 size M/L 8-10

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The Option is an open-toe wakeboard binding that offers a perfect blend of convenience, versatility, and performance.

Slingshot’s entry-level wakeboard binding provides the performance we’ve come to expect from Slingshot while not breaking the bank. An open-toe binding, the Option has the versatility and adjustability to fit a variety of sizes. The Dual closure system features a lace system on the lower part of the binding and a velcro strap on the upper zone. This closure system gives each rider on the boat a snug, custom fit for their foot. A pull strap on the back of the boot helps make getting in and out a quicker, easier process.

Key Features

  • -Open Toe Design Fits a Variety of Sizes
  • -Great for Beginner to Intermediate Riders
  • -Quick Entry and Exit
  • -Lightweight, User-Friendly Design
  • -Dual Closure System for Customized Fit

Size M/L

suit 8-10 USA Mens