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Slingshot Wake Foil 2 Package with Fsurf V4 Wing 2023 (Ex Demo used for 1 weekend)


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(Ex Demo used for 1 weekend)

Product description

2023 WF2 and Wake Foil Package

A Great Package for your Group, Beginner to Advanced – Not sure its for you? chat with us now – Shipping Mid November

2023 WF2 Board V4

As the trend in foiling continues to move towards shorter boards, the redesigned WF-2 V4 soft-top foilboard to packs the same amount of surface area into a shorter board length. At 4’6″ the WF-2 V4 is an excellent choice for all levels of foilers, has foot strap inserts and is the best traditional wakesurfing shape we’ve ever produced for those interested in removing the foil for traditional surf sessions. The board features an aggressive nose rocker designed to increase forgiveness when touching back down to the surface in the early stages of foil progression, and the shorter length allows advanced foilers to pump more aggressively without concern of unintentional contact with the water.

Why you’ll LOVE the WF2 Board:

  • The WF2 is a simple and safe way to get up and foiling behind the boat. It also doubles as a wakesurf board with the foil removed, one size fits all, easy to get up on like a traditional wakesurf board, Full Soft EVA top deck increases durability, and comfort for everyone and everything around it.
  • FCS II fin boxes (*Fins Sold Separately)
  • Full Soft Top Construction
  • Dual Cupped Rail Channels
  • Foil Mount Track for customizing lift intensity
  • Inserts for optional foot straps
  • Fast rocker line for wakesurfing without the foil
  • Fits in the board rack


Board Size: 4’6”




This setup is stable and forgiving enough for entry-level foilers to learn and is super agile and playful for more advanced freeriding to progress.


  • 71cm (28″‘) Aluminum Mast.
  • A complete setup fine-tuned for surf foiling success in a variety of conditions.
  • Tons of low-end lift, great for small, weak waves, rolling swell, beginners and pumping.
  • Shift fuselage lets you set your mast in different locations for different performances.
  • Crossover setup for wake surf foiling.
  • Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components
  • Neoprene wing covers & Custom travel case.


New Carbon Composite construction delivers the perfect
balance of performance and durability.

Tech Features

  • Neoprene Wing Covers and Travel Case
  • Safe-T Winglets
  • Carbon Composite Wing Construction
  • Quick Connect Pedestal Base
  • Quick Connect Pedestal base

Package Includes
72cm (28″) mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, Infinity 76 cm front wing,
42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, custom travel caseWhat Pete Thinks

This is a foil for everyone, If you have a board and need a new wing, this will pump for ages, glide on the third wake back and still be easy enough to ride for a first timer. Such a versatile wing – everyone will love the Fsurf V4