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Stedmz Steadham Lion Spade Old School Signed 32 x 10.25 Red/Black


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Steve Steadham Lion Spade Old School

  • Hand SignedBy Steve SteadHam!!
  • 32″ x 10.25
  • Wheelbase 14.75″
  • Red/Black

About Steadham Skate

Steadham Skate was founded by Steve Steadham in 1986. He began as a team member for Powell & Peralta and Bones Brigade before venturing outward and onward to create his own brand. Originally named “Stedhmz,” this company still has its roots firmly placed in the skateboarding industry and produces American pressed skateboard decks, wheels, and apparel. Steadham Skate builds traditional skateboard, cruiser, and longboard decks. They’re made from 7 ply maple and are strong to the core. Streets, verts, ramps, and downhill – their decks are designed to suit your riding style and can handle anything you throw at them. Most of their graphics feature the brand’s iconic Creeper logo or a skull in front of a spade. Get ready for some insane riding sessions because Steadham Skate decks can take beatings from rough terrains and will help you land hardcore tricks. Steadham Skate wheels come in several styles featuring the same graphics seen on their decks. Choose between wheels with clear and black cores for a touch of personality. When it comes to skateboarding, it’s all about your feet. Make sure you sport the right kicks and check out Steadham Skate footwear. From low to high-tops their sneakers come in black with accents of red and burgundy. They also make footwear for women. Show everyone you’re a devoted skater by sporting Steadham Skate t-shirts. With dozens of graphic tees to choose from, it only makes sense to start a collection!

Designed by skaters for skaters, Steadham Skate knows how to make their riders happy. Become a loyal fan of Steadham and keep on shredding!