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Venom Cannibal Enhanced Durability Cobra Core 72mm 80a

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It’s time to reach the speeds you’ve only dreamed of with insane durability on the brand new Venom “Enhanced Durability” Cannibal Wheels.

These 72mm wheels are made specifically for high speeds with drifting. The large Cobra Core technology increases roll speed and supports the shape of urethane when cornering. At 80a with a sharp lip, these wheels will send you screaming through corners stoked on the amazing grip and consistent scrubs, while your buddies are scrubbing out and crashing behind you. And while your friends are switching from their torched wheels, you’ll be ready to take run after run.

Get yours today and experience the Venom Enhanced Durability Cobra Core Cannibals!

Venom’s Description

As you probably know, a little bit ago we had and unfortunate production error that resulted in a large order of wheels poured in the incorrect formula. The good news is, those wheels actually turned out to be something a bit special.

After some investigation we figured out they were accidentally poured in our Mach 1 formula but in a much harder duro than we had ever tried (80A). The Mach 1 urethane is known for its superior durability over our other compounds but, in the harder duro the results are truly staggering. We’ve decided to call the new variant the “ED” formula for Enhanced Durability.

This wheel helps you keep the session going when others would’ve gone soft. We took the remaining stock of this wheel and gave it an updated graphic, and a very reasonable price. Inventory is very limited and we do not plan on producing any more in the future so if you want some of these unique and limited edition Venom wheels act now!

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