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Wheels Bones PP Ray Rod Sword and Skull 58mm 90a


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Powell Peralta Pro Ray Rodriguez Skull and Sword 58mm 90a Skateboard Wheels formulated with a higher rebound than normal park formula for a quicker response. The 90a duro will give you that extra grip without compromising speed for a faster roll. Use them in the park or on the street with that freight train noise associated with super hard wheels

Before the Bones Brigade Powell Peralta team was fully formed, there was one skater who was there at the beginning of it all – Ray “Bones” Rodriguez. The Skull and Sword graphic is one of the most recognized graphics in skateboarding history, ride the wheels Ray Bones rides.

Type Street/Park/Vert
Diameter (mm) 58
Duro (a) 90
Contact Patch (mm) 18
Lip Profile Round
Surface Smooth
Bearing Core Centerset
Colour White