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Wheels Bones SPF Cab Dragon 60mm 104a


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The Bones Caballero SPF skateboard wheels resist flat spotting on smooth surfaces and offer a higher rebound for quicker response and a faster roll. On top of that, Steve Caballero totally skates these in his own personal pool. Truth.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
Wheel Profile
  • Narrow
  • Smooth
  • Skatepark Formula (SPF)
Wheel Shape
  • SPF P5 Shape
Pro Model
  • 104a
  • Made in the USA
Wheel Profile

Narrow – Narrow wheels have the least amount of traction and are intended for advanced, tech riding.


Smooth – Smooth wheels have less surface friction than treaded wheels and are easier to slide.


Skatepark Formula (SPF) – Skatepark Formula wheels are made from a high quality urethane that was specifically formulated to resist flatspotting on slick or smooth surfaces while maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll.

SPF wheels have a high resistance to abrasion without compromising hardness and slide ability. Skatepark Formula wheels grip better on slick surfaces and are almost impossible to flatspot.

Wheel Shape

SPF P5 Shape

104a – Essentially some of the hardest wheels in the game. Designed for advanced skating and made to withstand flat-spotting, which can result from excessive sliding with softer durometer wheels. Designed for hard-charging, fast skating in mind.

Standard durometer scale of measurement. Most urethane skate wheels generally range from 75a-101a, the numbers increase with the hardness of the wheel.


Made in the USA – All Bones and Powell wheels are made at their factory located in Santa Barbara, California.

Size 54mm 60mm
Diameter (mm): 54.0 60.0
Width (mm): 31.0 34.0
Riding Surface (mm): 17.5 18.5
Suggested Riser Size (in): N/A 1/8 – 1/4