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Yes Basic UnInc RDM 2022

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Basic UnInc. RDM

Shape : True Twin
Core : Poplar/paulownia/Bamboo + Slambacks
Glass : Triax
Base Material : Sintered True
Flex : 7/10
Outline : UnderBite

Base Profile : Camber

Riders : Romain de Marchi
Sizes : 149 38,3 dm2
152 39,4 dm2
156W 41,8 dm2
158 41,5 dm2

Blast from the Past
Romain De Marchi wanted to pay tribute to the
board that he rode while filming with Absinthe
at the Chad’s Gap session for his legendary part
in POP. He used the same artist who designed
that UnInc, Kalonji, to capture the same style of
art with a modern theme. The Basic UnInc. RDM
is a supercharged Basic with all the upgrades
you want to have in a classic snowboard pac

kage. It’s full camber with a sintered base and
we added some Slamback inserts towards the
tail to make it the ultimate go anywhere, shred
anything board.
Artist : Kalonji was a young artist when Romain
made his UnInc. Board with him 15 years ago.
He now is a world renowned artist who has
publications around the world. It was an honor
for us to be able to work with him on the revival
of his iconic graphic. @kalonjijp