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Hints and Tips: Water Skiing Essentials

05 November 2017 water ski equipment 05 November 2017

Summer’s just around the corner, which means that water ski season is coming around quick! Here, we look at some water skiing fundamentals to ensure you’re a pro in no time.

Types of Skis

The different types of water skis available can vary depending on your skill level and ability. To help point you in the right direction, we’ve given you a quick overview of each one to help you choose the gear that’s best suited to you.

Combo Skis

These skis are the ones that most beginners learn with, as they’re easy to manoeuvre and are more flexible than other skis, giving you more control at lower speeds. One of the two paired skis is set-up as a slalom style ski with dual bindings, so if you do want to learn slalom skiing in the future the option is there.

Slalom Skis

A slalom ski is one ski set with a double binding – ideal for sharp turns and gaining more speed. Different to the combo ski, beginner slalom skis feature a wider tail and flatter bottom, which makes it easy to stand up and ride straight. However, when it comes to tournament skis, they are more challenging to ride, and also have a tapered tail for extra control, allowing you to go faster and make sharper turns like a pro!

Trick Skis

Trick skis are designed to give you maximum control at the slower speeds. These skis are shorter and wider than some of the other varieties on the market, and are intended for use by the more experienced skiers out there. The absence of fins on these skis makes it much easier to turn and slide, but harder to control. However, with practice, you can learn to jump, spin and do tricks while in the air.

Essential Water Ski Equipment & Accessories

Before leaving the dock, you’ve first got to make sure that you’ve got some safety essentials to carry on the boat with you!

  • Life Vests: Life vests range from basic and inexpensive to top of the line models that aim to provide you with the utmost protection. Choosing one that fits correctly is the most important thing here, which ensures your safety while you’re out on the water.
  • Ropes: A great tow rope is a must for you to enjoy a safe and fun day out skiing.
  • Wetsuits: These can help to lessen the impact of harsh blows to the water, while also keeping you warm!

Safety Tips

  • Learn hand gestures – To ensure you and your friends are both keeping yourselves safe, as well as those around you, it’s helpful to learn some hand gestures to guide your movements in the water when skiing.
  • Avoid crowded spots – Keeping a safe distance from other people in the area ensures that there’s enough space for water activities and safe passing.
  • Know your surroundings – To keep safe on the water, make sure you know the depth of water where your activities are taking place, where the boundaries are situated and the location of potential hazards. Optimally, water depth should be at least five metres deep.
  • Safety in numbers – Being out on the water with just two people can be dangerous as the driver may not be aware if something’s gone wrong with the skier. With two people in the boat at all times, there is better communication as the second person can let the driver know of any dangers, increasing safety.

But, before you hit the waves to make the most of these tips, be sure to check out the water ski range at Mac’s Waterski World, where you’ll find all the water ski gear and equipment you could possibly need. Visit us in store or online!

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