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DB Complete Coreflex Cross Bow 40 Flex 3


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A camber profile cruiser provides a lively flex that returns energy to you in every kick, every pump, and every carve. DB Longboards are known for their durability without adding weight thanks to the unique CoreFlex construction. This complete comes ready to roll with Sector Nine Cloud cruiser wheels and Atlas trucks, both of which come with a great reputation.

Ride Style
  • Commuter
Mounting Style
  • Top Mount
Deck Profile
  • Camber
Deck Shape
  • Symmetrical
Deck Features
  • Cutouts
  • Mild Concave
Grip Type
  • Graphic Grip
Deck Construction
  • CoreFlex Technology
Deck Features
  • Made in Washington, USA
  • Atlas 180mm 48° Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • 69mm, 78a Cloud Ride! Cruiser Wheels
Flex 2
  • Ideal for Riders 120 – 170 (lbs.)
Flex 3
  • Ideal for Riders 160+ (lbs.)
Hardware and Bearings
  • Pan-head hardware and ABEC bearings
Ride Style

Commuter – Longboards for general cruising, ideal for experienced skaters and beginners alike. Never make the boring mistake of walking again!

Mounting Style

Top Mount – The classic skate mount. Trucks are mounted from the top to sit flush with the bottom of the board for that proven ride and feel.

Deck Profile

Camber – Camber gives you a charged feeling underfoot and better leverage for turns. They can feel a bit more like a spring at first but any rider will appreciate how this makes the board responsive.

Deck Shape

Symmetrical – If you ever think you want to ride your board backwards (freeride/freestyle) then a symmetrical longboard shape will help you with the learning curve. Other than that, it’s all preference.

Deck Features

Cutouts – Cutouts around the wheels provide the extra space required to prevent wheelbite.


Mild Concave – Most longboards have a mild concave to give your feet natural curves to lock into. Choosing the right concave can be tough because it’s all personal preference but mild concave is always a good place to start.

Deck Construction

CoreFlex Technology – With CoreFlex technology you’ll have a lively longboard. DB starts with an eco-friendly, vertically laminated bamboo core encased in triaxial fiberglass protected by Urethane Blast Tips: These boards are durable, fun and provide a ride like no other.


Atlas 180mm 48° Reverse Kingpin Trucks – These tech-heavy trucks feature a massive ball pivot that delivers a 50% increase in load-bearing surface area, which provides more control than traditional pivots and easier turns.

Atlas’s patent-pending pivot cup technology self cleans, self centers and is even threaded so you can remove it with your axle.


69mm, 78a Cloud Ride! Cruiser Wheels – Soft and gooey, these wheels have great grip for cornering and easily rolls over cracks, small rocks, and rough surfaces without tripping you up.

Size 40in
Width (in): 9.0
Length (in): 40.0
Wheelbase (in): 31.0
Nose (in): 1.375
Tail (in): 1.375
Concave (in): .25