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HO Womens Fusion Freeride with Womens Freemax RTP 2021


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HO Fusion Freeride Womens Slalom Ski

This 3rd generation Freeride, the Freeride Fusion, allows for smooth carving and unrestricted creativity in chop. HO infused properties from high performance crossover skis into the best-selling Freeride ski program. This clean edge tail and low drag design specifically enhances your ski experience in variable speeds and water conditions. Ski behind virtually any watercraft with ease while ripping off fluid turns big or small. The wide platform makes it super stable and easy to progress on without sacrificing those smooth as butter edge to edge transitions.

HO FreeMAX Womens Slalom Ski Boot

Open Water Freeride Ease

The MAX Ski Boot Collection was conceptualized, designed and created on this minimalist ideal. The skyMAX and freeMAX slalom ski boots give skiers a window into the future of water ski boot form and function. Combining the art of traditional “old world” lasting techniques with cutting edge footwear materials, HO has created the industry’s best fitting, most comfortable collection of water ski boots. The addition of HO’s Direct Connect Mounting System pushes water ski boot performance to a new level, unobtainable with traditional boot plates. With hundreds of hours of fit and on-water testing, the MAX Ski Boot Collection redefines what can be expected from a water ski boot.

Direct Connect Mounting System
Direct Connect positions boot mounting hardware directly beneath the foot’s natural balance and mobility centers: the heel and ball of the foot. Direct Connect eliminates the traditional mounting plate, greatly reducing boot weight, boot drag, and the boot’s impact on ski flex. The result is a natural 1:1 skier-to-ski moment-of-inertia never experienced before on the water. Direct Connect allows the entire HO Skis Boot Collection to redefine what can be expected from a water ski boot.

Natural Edge Angle
The traditional boot plate, with its perimeter mounted hardware, creates an artificially leveraged slalom ski. As the skier’s center of mass shifts off the side of the ski in a typical slalom cut, the traditional boot plate imparts an abrupt push and pull force on the ski’s edges. Similar to a light switch, the ski is either “on” or “off” edge.

HO’s Direct Connect Mounting System
Replaces the traditional light switch with a modern dimmer switch! Imagine have ability to control the exact edge angle you desire, without being limited to the binary on/off edge pressure of a traditional boot plate. Just like an airplane rolls about its longitudinal axis, HO’s Direct Connect allows a slalom ski to roll about is longitudinal axis. The result is a natural edge angle feel where the skier is in completely control to choose desired edge angle.

Flex Footprint
Don’t let the marketing department fool you; no floating plate system eliminates a traditional boot plate’s effect on ski flex. HO’s Direct Connect System reduces the ski boot’s flex footprint dead spot by up to 50%. With Direct Connect, the ski is allowed to flex more closely to its intended design, allowing for smoother and tighter slalom turns.

Micro Adjustment
For years slalom skiers have been able to adjust fin location to the thousandth of an inch. But at the same time, skiers have been limited to large incremental boot adjustment, due to the mounting holes on traditional boot plates. Not anymore! HO’s Direct Connect Mounting System allows skiers infinite fore and aft boot adjustment. Now skiers can fine tune boot position as accurately as fin location, ensuring optimum ski setup. In addition, Direct Connect allows for up to +/- 7 degrees of boot rotation. The days of limiting your natural slalom stance, due to your boot plate hanging over the side of the ski, are over!


  • Freeride Width – more surface area of smoother getups at slower speeds
  • Spoon Tip – more buoyant, easy-planing surface
  • Hybrid Edge Design o Clean Edge Technology tail for efficiency o Traditional Beveled forebody for stability
  • Low Drag Design
  • HEX Fin: Traditional 2D waterski fins taken to the next level by creating a NACA Airfoil inspired 3D fin for more lift and lower drag. Acting like an airplane wing, this surf style fin enhances ski versatility by increasing glide speed and turning properties.
  • Direct Connect or Traditional Boot compatible.
  • NEW! Lower 175mm tall cuff height: Low profile for increased flexibility and comfort
  • NEW! SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner for a natural rubber feel
  • Composite textile shell. Reinforced in the Achilles spine and heel cup for improved durability. Softened over the instep and cuff wings for a more secure fit.
  • 10mm thick, zero-drop, contoured footbed provides a solid platform for improved balance
  • Dual Lace Zones: low drag bungee upper, static lower for precision control
  • Removable Footbed Anchoring System for easier mounting
  • Available with DirectConnect and traditional aluminum plate options fit all ski brands

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