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Seismic Slide Puck Flinted Hollow HEX X Hard Black Pair


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Sold out!

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Price is for a set of two slide pucks

Light it up, these pucks have embedded flint to create big sparks. Please use responsibly and don’t start bushfires.

The puck material is the extra hard version for faster racing. Perfectly consistent, stable glide – even at extreme speeds and in high heat. Superior durability and no melting or furry buildup ever!

The hexagon shape is clever, it allows you to rotate the puck to find your perfect position. The shape adds an extra dimension which feels natural.

Pyromaniacs wanted, apply now.

Outer diameter 3.25″ / 82.5mm.
Thickness 12mm.
Velcro on one side.

Seismic says: Premium Extra-Hard formula with SIX (6) BIG embedded flints to out-spark the pack! Hollow version (this one) concentrates pressure on flints, intensifies sparking.