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Straightline Sumo Max Nose Closed Bow 675 Grey


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The Sumo Max 675 goes in the bow of your boat for a cleaner, more balanced wake.

Adding bow weight is very important in both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Not only does it help create a bigger wake, but also helps create the desired shape for best results. Compatible with SL’s Max Flow Pump rated at 4,250GPH, filling/draining this bag will only take a matter of minutes.

Straight Line Sumo Max Ballast Bag

Ballast Bag Port Placement

To the left are the approximate locations of the ports on this Straight Line Sumo Max Ballast Bag.

Straight Line Sumo Max Port Size

1” Port Size

All Straight Line Sumo Max ballast bags use 1” ports. The bag is filled and drained with the 1.5” Sumo Max Flow Link Valve using the Sumo Max Flow Pump that is rated at 4,250GPH.