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Is Your Equipment Ready for the Upcoming Snow Season?

21 May 2017 snow and ski gear 21 May 2017

Is your snowboarding and ski gear ready for winter 2017? After months of lying dormant, it’s finally time to whip out your snowboards in preparation for the upcoming Melbourne snowboarding and skiing season.

However, if you want to make the most of this year’s slopes, you’ll want to make sure your equipment is up to scratch. So, this means before you head up the mountain, you should tune your gear – after all, sharp edges, a flat base and a good wax job can mean the difference between a good and a terrible day on the slopes.

When Do I Need to Sharpen My Equipment’s Edges?

The perfect edge should be sharp, clean, and smooth. If you’ve just purchased your skis or snowboards from a Melbourne retailer, like Mac’s Waterski World, the edges will be close to this ideal.

However, equipment edges are often damaged and dulled from regular use, rocks, oxidation, and road chemicals. If the edges of your equipment look damaged or rusty, have burrs from hitting rocks, or won’t hold hard in the snow, it’s probably time for some maintenance.

You can get your gear professionally tuned, where qualified staff will use a combination of machine and hand techniques to make sure the base of your equipment is flat and that the edges are sharpened to proper specifications.

Or, you can do it yourself by hand. You will need a selection of tools, including a flat file, file guide, gummy stone and a file card or wire brush. However, if you decide to maintain your equipment yourself, make sure you seek proper guidance, especially the first time you do it. The team at Mac’s are more than happy to share our tips and advice.

Do I Need to Base Grind?

If the base of your skis or board is damaged from minor nicks to major core shots, The staff Mac’s have the experience to repair the base to being back to flat that will optimise performance.

This can be difficult to do manually, so seeking professional help is the best course of action.

If you’re unsure about the condition of your gear, talk to the team at Mac’s Waterski World today! We can help you get your gear serviced, or if need be, assist you with any new or hire equipment.

If you’re looking for new snow gear online, check out our website. Otherwise, you can visit us in store to view our range up close, or for our snowboard hire and ski hire Melbourne services.

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