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Mac’s Top spots for Skiing and Snowboarding in Australia this winter!

13 June 2019 13 June 2019

Despite what you might believe, there is a range of benefits to the cold & harsh Australian  Winter months, most of which lie high in our country’s eastern alpine ranges.


For a small period of the year (6-8 weeks) our stunning highlands transform into winter playgrounds for the more adventurously minded, filled with fresh white powder which makes for perfect trail skiing- there’s so much on offer!


So, why travel across the world to ski and board when you can find some of the worlds best sporting slopes right in your backyard!?


This guide will show you where the top Australian boarding and skiing spots are for 2019.


Bear in mind that snowfall plays a huge part. The team at Mac’s have included links to relevant websites and live snow cams to act as a one-stop destination for current snow reports-everything you need to know before your snow adventure begins!


Australia’s Best Snow & Ski Destinations!

Falls Creek

Elevation –  1780 m

Location – Victoria

Live Feed

Falls Creek is known for its wealth in skiable trails, widely regarded as the most skiable mountain in the state of Victoria. With 92 runs and 64 km of cross country skiing available you are spoilt for choice.


Things are looking up for falls creek this year, with an impressive amount of powder already sitting on the mountain. Falls is a lot less crowded than Mount Buller making the extra travel time from Melbourne well worth your time.


Mount Buller

Elevation – 1805 m

Location: Victora

Live snow camera

Mount Buller is the largest of Victorian ski fields and most popular, It offers plenty of skiable terrain via express chairlifts The highest point that is accessible by lift lies at 1780 m and can be reached in under ten minutes, which leaves plenty of time for multiple runs in a day.


With a healthy amount of trails to choose from Mount Buller is easily one of the most popular choices. If you’re looking for reliable trails that don’t offer much of a challenge then you can’t go wrong


Mount Buller is more than just a skiing resort it offers a wide range of activities catered to both adventure and leisure.  This can be a hindrance for a more serious skier. While it is not the most challenging mountain its popularity is undeniable.


Mount Hotham

Location NSW

Elevation – 1861 m

Live Feed

Mount Hotham is widely regarded as the most popular mountain among avid and experienced skiers.  It gets the most natural snowfall generally speaking in relation to the other Australian ski resorts. This, in turn, makes the intermediate and diamond trails more challenging than both Buller and Falls. Hotham is a skiers mountain. Less glamour and more action.


There are trails for beginners and it is still family friendly, there is just more challenge at Hotham than other mountains.



Location – NSW

Elevation – 2054 m

Live feed

Perisher is the largest ski field in the country and in the entire southern hemisphere. It has a staggering number of chair lifts and it is viewed as a skiers paradise. Its scale is unparalleled in Australia. Avoid repetition and enjoy its plethora of quality skiing and boarding opportunities.



Location Snowy mountains

Elevation -1365 m

Live feed

Thredbo is Australia’s most consistent mountain, & it’s a real all-rounder in terms of trails and general atmosphere. The village has a great ski culture and its very welcoming. A great option if the environment is just to you as important as your snow experience.  


Mac’s waterski world also offers a wide range of winter gear, gear that will cater to your every need for the upcoming winter season. From skis and boards to protective gear. If you need it we have it.

For the more casual skier, we also offer gear hire if you’re not looking to pay mountain prices. Mac’s Waterski World is a trusted guide and one-stop shop for winter sport & snow enthusiasts.


You can’t enjoy the silky Australian slopes without the right gear! Take a look at our extensive list of winter accessories you’ll need for your skiing/boarding trip this winter- only at Mac’s:

Winter gear

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