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Now Snowboard Bindings

27 November 2012 27 November 2012

Binding Features


  • Hollow rivet assembly links the Hanger to the Alumi-ring
  • Creates a fulcrum for all energy transfers
  • Stainless steel hollow rivet is extremely light and strong


  • Fallows boot contour
  • Dampens chatter
  • Eliminate calf-bite
  • Progressive flex to lock



  • Stacked highback/heelcup assembly creates a flush, inner surface
  • Heelcup design prevents heel lift, with or without the highbacks
  • Noback mode built-in design

Foot Pillow

  • 15mm EVA footbed increased shock absorption
  • Tool-free access to mounting disc/hardware

Freestyle Asym Highback

  • Higher medial side follows leg angle
  • Wider lateral side provide support
  • Pre-rotated 5 degrees laterally



  • 30% glass filled Nylon
  • I-beam wall sections are both rigid and light Baseless design allows for uninterrupted board flex Transferred energy to the board’s edges
  • Alumi-ring/Disc
  • T6061 stamped Alumi-ring and forged Disc
  • Minimal board fixture compatible with all interfaces
  • 1mm rubber gasket


  • Dual injection, quick-snap connection to Hanger
  • Main contact point to board
  • True dampening system
  • Applies energy while diffusing board chatter
  • Available in: soft, medium and hard


  • Cast aluminum levers
  • 3-4 clicks
  • Easy release


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