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Dakine Brass Tuning Brush


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Dakine Brass Tuning Brush

All round brush for removing excess wax from the structure of a snowboard base after scraping. This is essential for optimum glide.

Use as the first brush after scraping wax (unless wax is really hard, then use brass first, nylon second).

Always use brush in the same direction.
Work from tip to tail.
Use before waxing to clean base.
Use after waxing to expose base structure.

Use after applying rub-on, overlay wax.
Cork smooths and creates friction to help wax deeper into base pores.
Finish by brushing.
Cork can also be used to apply powdered race waxes.


  •     [ 8 x 3.5cm ] working area on brush
  •     [ 10 x 5cm ] cork
  •     Multi-use nylon tuning brush with cork
  •     Use brush to clean base before waxing and expose structure after waxing
  •     Cork after using rub on wax, or in extreme cold snow