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Hopkin Precison Stainless Steel Hardware Allen Key Panhead


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These are standard skateboard bolts that will fit a skate tool. They are an imperial size, which is 10/32.

What makes these bolts special is what they are made from = stainless steel. Built for longboarding. The difference between skateboarding and longboarding is where we skate. A skateboarder is usually in a park, or indoors, their skateboards are designed not to get wet. Skateboard industry standard bolts are crap, they are made from inferior material and over time they will rust. A longboarder skates on the road, footpath, bikeways and their boards are always getting wet. We need precision high quality hardware, like the automotive industry. That is where we started our search for the ultimate skateboard bolt, one made from stainless steel, and built to outlast your longboard. After a year of testing bolts we now have a precision bolt we are happy to offer to the community.

These bolts are panhead or flange head. They do not countersink into the deck and are perfect for composite decks and also decks with drop thru trucks where the bolts are mounted through the truck baseplate, such as the Pantheon Loaded Trip.

1 inch are perfect for drop thru decks, cruisers, skateboards and thin longboards. If you are using risers or have a downhill deck (usually thicker for stiffness), you will need 1.25 or 1.5 inch bolts.

Comes with 8 pieces 1.25 inch bolts and nylon lock nuts. Allen key is not included.