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K2 Spyne 110 100mm 2015/16 27.5

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The Spyne 110 was the highest scoring men’s Soft-Value entry at this year’s boot test and one of only a handful of Soft-Value boots that scored well enough to earn a review slot in Ski and Skiing magazine. Why does our test team love the Spyne 110 so much? In a nutshell, it stuffs (almost) everything that the 130 offers into a condensed power pack that will sell for a bargain street price

Is the 110 as strong a skiing beast as the 130? Certainly not, but testers agreed that it has stability and power that exceed its flex index label and price tag making it a great value for budget-minded all-mountain skiers.

The lower fits on the snug-side-of-medium. It can easily be customized by heating the Intuition liner and completing the simple molding process. Or you can let it break in over time if snug-medium is right for you. It will just fine.

The upper cuff is well-balanced front-to-back and side-to-side but testers noted that it runs a little short. This makes the boot agile and adept in tight spots, but didn’t provide quite enough support for heavier guys and those with long legs. But if you’re a short on cash and stature this is a perfect choice. The lower cuff also worked great for our testers with larger calves as the cuff rim sat below the muscle mass.

FLEX 110

Last 110mm

Size 27.5