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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Aussie Water Skiers

04 December 2017 water skis for christmas 04 December 2017

Any true blue Aussie knows that Christmas down under can be a real scorcher, making water skiing a popular sport over the festive season. If you’re looking for a Christmas present that your loved one will get plenty of use out of – and they’re a keen water skier – you can’t look past our water skis and water ski equipment.

We share our top 5 ideas for gifts that will make an epic stocking filler or a pretty grouse present for under the tree.

Wet Suits

Even on a warm day, it’s still beneficial to wear a wet suit when you’re out water skiing. This is because they’re designed to protect your core temperature. Cold water and even the chill from airspeed can cause your core temperature to drop. As your core temperature drops, so will your stamina, and you’ll start to run out of energy quicker. They’ll also provide rash protection and decrease the pressure of the water as it hits your skin.

So, a wet suit for Christmas is the perfect gift for any water skier that loves to hit the water and stay out for as long as possible. Plus, it’s a sun smart bathing suit option!

Check out our range online or in-store.

Slalom Skis

Slalom skiers only use one ski, instead of two, with the dominant foot placed in front of the other. These skis are good for people who have a little experience on the water and want to be able to build up some speed and take their turns better.

Spoil your loved one by making sure they’ve got the best slalom skis possible! Check out our range here.

Ski Accessories

For an affordable and practical gift for a water skier that knows what they need, ask us about our ski accessories / bindings today. Or, if your loved one needs replacement binding parts to restore their favourite skis, ask us how we can help them out.

We can’t get in every part ever made, but we can get an awful lot – just in time for a Christmas miracle!

Water Ski Eyewear

When you’re on the water, sunglasses can really come in handy. They will keep the water out of your eyes, stop the sun from blinding you, and keep your eyes from tearing up when the wind hits them.

We’ve got a huge selection of eyewear that’s suitable for out on the water; check them out here.

Water Ski Charms / Jewellery

Do you know someone who loves water skiing but already has everything they could possibly need to hit the water in style? Why not get them some water ski-themed jewellery, with silver and nine-carat gold ski charms available from our online store?

For all your Christmas gift-spiration, check out our online store, or come out and visit the guys at our shop in Moorabbin.

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